Welcome to the Spook-tacular World of WIC Nutrition!🎃

We’re calling all ghouls, ghosts, and health enthusiasts in Arizona! If you’re a resident and your family could use a little extra nutritional magic, WIC has plenty of healthy options for you! 

Who says nutrition has to be scary? With WIC, you can conjure up a realm of flavor, health, and bewitching vitality. It’s time to savor life’s most enchanting ingredients – and get healthy along the way.

It’s no trick! WIC is the place where the treats are delicious and nutritious!🥑🥕

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What’s Brewing in the WIC Cauldron?🖤

📚 Nourishing Spellbooks: Does balanced nutrition feel like a magic trick you can’t perform? You just need the right spells. We provide education and training in conjuring up meals that are not just healthy but truly enchanting.

🧛 Brewing Support for Breastfeeding: Your child’s magical journey begins with you – but sometimes we all need a little help along the way. Our experts are here to guide you through the art of breastfeeding and provide nutritional support along the way.

🔮 Sorcerers of Nutrition: Need a little more guidance in the mystical art of nutrition. Our nutrition experts provide direct help and can help create a healthy plan for you and your little warlocks.

💳 WIC Potion Cards: Need help getting the ingredients to add to your family’s kitchen cauldron? Get an EWIC card to use to directly purchase the food you need for the family. It’s your ticket to bringing healthy home.

🏰 Haunted Health Referrals: Does finding medical care sound scary? We can connect you with the care you need for your overall well-being, including preventative care and vaccinations.

Who Qualifies for the Magic of WIC? 

We’re here to weave our spell for:

🕷️ Mummies-to-Be: Expecting a little monster? WIC can help you through your pregnancy journey and weave a web of nutrition around you.

🧛‍ Tiny Vampires & New Parents: Just welcomed a little monster into your crypt? If your child is under six months old, WIC can provide feeding and nutrition support.

🧙‍ Magical Moms who breastfeed: If you’ve been breastfeeding your little spellcaster within the last year, you deserve the best sustenance. WIC can help conjure up the nutrition you need.

🧟‍ Growing ghouls and ghosts: WIC is open to Arizona children under five, including those in foster care. Everyone deserves a healthy start!


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