Community-based from the beginning

Adelante Healthcare’s roots were planted over 40 years ago in response to migrant workers in need of accessible, quality care. Today, we are a certified Community Health Center with nine locations in Arizona.

We are dedicated to cultivating thriving communities and fostering whole-person health for anyone and everyone who needs it, regardless of background or status. We meet people where they are and guide them through their healthcare journey with compassion, skill, state-of-the-art facilities, and the highest quality care.

Our mission

Healthy people, sustained by healthy communities.

Our vision

Adelante Healthcare serves and cares for communities through accessible, sustainable, and affordable healthcare.

Giving is caring

Your contributions help us break down the barriers to excellent, compassionate, affordable healthcare for anyone who needs it. If you would like to learn how to donate to Adelante Healthcare and the benefits, visit our giving website.


Our Story

In 1979, a group of dedicated community members in rural Surprise and El Mirage, Arizona saw that the health care needs of local farm workers were going unmet. These concerned citizens decided to join forces and apply for federal funding to build a community health center in El Mirage.

The following year, a grant was awarded to establish Clínica Adelante, our first location. We visited farms and provided a safe place for compassionate care for those who would have otherwise lived in the shadows with none at all.

These humble beginnings formed the roots of our belief in sustainable healthcare and our ongoing mission to provide for any member of our community who needs it, regardless of their circumstances.