Honoring our roots with our health services in and around Phoenix for farmers and migrant workers

If you are a farmworker, you and your family may qualify to see a doctor for as lower cost for your visit.

Adelante Healthcare’s beginnings were planted over 40 years ago in response to migrant workers in need of accessible, quality care. Then, Clínica Adelante provided compassionate care for those who would have otherwise lived in the shadows with no healthcare at all. While we have grown and expanded from our humble beginnings, our commitment to health services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for the farming community remains.

If you work with any of these, you qualify as a farmworker:

We can help make seeing the doctor possible

Adelante Healthcare in and around Phoenix offers a sliding fee program is based on your income and is available if you or someone in your household works in one of the above farming activities. You are also eligible for our health services in Phoenix and the surrounding communities if you have worked in agriculture in the past two years or if you are retired now but worked your last job in agriculture before retirement.

We make it easy to apply

Call 480-964-2273 and tell the operator you want to schedule a screening appointment for the sliding fee scale discount program.
Prepare for your appointment. Please bring the following:

  • Proof of all household income within the last 30 days of your appointment date (required)
  • Valid identification for all family members – either a Driver’s License, Consulate Matriculate Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate
  • Proof of current address, which may be a utility bill or piece of mail delivered by the US Post Office
Once your application is complete, upon qualification, you will be able to set a doctor’s appointment at that time.

Have a question? We can help.

Learn more by calling 480-964-2273 or emailing [email protected]

Obtenga más información llamando al 480-964-2273 o enviando un correo electrónico a [email protected].