Make a difference

Join a team of dedicated healthcare professionals in a collaborative, patient-focused environment, where you can apply your skills to improve the health of our patients, our communities, and the environment around us.

At Adelante Healthcare, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare. That’s why we began our organization over 40 years ago, and why we continue to provide sustainable healthcare to those in need today. We are looking for professionals who share our vision!

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Hiring events

If you are interested in joining Adelante Healthcare, we are holding regular Hiring Events that allow you to meet with us and get to know the opportunities available in any of our nine Community Health Center locations in Arizona. Please contact our Recruiting Team for more information about our Hiring Events.

What employees are saying

“One thing I appreciate about Adelante, having been a family physician here for 14 years, is the visionary leadership that has shaped this unique organization over the years. It is the vision of leaders who dream big, work hard, and are committed to the Adelante mission that has allowed our health centers to serve an ever larger population each year. Adelante has been supportive of my main career goal, which has been to serve and provide longitudinal care for a diverse patient population. I have taken care of many families here for more than a decade. The future of Adelante promises even more support for patients, and to provide them with a true medical home, which I find very exciting. I see the medical home already taking shape with our Behavioral Health team and nursing staff stepping into their roles to help to provide care and education to our patients.”
— Jocelyn, Nguyen
“I started with what was Clínica Adelante back in 2009 as a Medical Records Representative. I quickly learned that there were many other opportunities I could train and grow into. In my eight years with the organization, I have held multiple roles including as a Medical Assistant, Front Office, MA Coordinator, MA Supervisor, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Medical Staff Services and now the Goodyear Practice Administrator. I have always identified that I could challenge myself to more and was blessed with managers that recognized potential in me, and gave me the opportunities to support my career growth. In the future I look forward to supporting the transformation of the organization with my knowledge and experience. Working for Adelante has always and continues to provide opportunities for career growth, and is an organization that supports work-life balance. I have learned that no matter what role you work in - within the organization, we all play an important part in making certain our patients are receiving the best care. We all make a difference!”
— Larissa, Rodriguez
“I came to Adelante as an Administrative Coordinator 15 years ago. I was given every opportunity to develop and grow and work to my strengths through the various frontline and leadership positions. This helped me understand Adelante from diverse perspectives and realized my passion in caring for teams and communities.”
— Jesse, Adelante Employee
“Working for Adelante has been a great experience and journey. Adelante empowers employees to pursue their dreams when employees like to challenge themselves. Therefore, I am so grateful and thrilled to continue collaborating with Adelante teams to reach our organization’s goals and to empower employees to take advantage of opportunities coming their way.”
— Alejandra, Adelante Employee
“I would want others outside Adelante to know that here we care about each other. Employees leave and come back because of the relationships here. It is hard to find organizations that have the passion, care, and love that the staff has here at Adelante. We are passionate and driven to care for our communities and for each other.”
— Israel, Adelante Employee
“My journey with Adelante began as a phone representative in the Patient Support Center. Today, as the Manager of that department, I can proudly say that I work for an organization that recognizes, rewards, and provides opportunities for hard-working and dedicated individuals.”
— Mayra, Adelante Employee