Your homebase for healthcare

Welcome to the Adelante Healthcare Patient Portal, YOUR personalized gateway to managing your health.

This is where you get convenient access to all your medical information, all in one place. You can see test results, see your prescriptions, schedule appointments, contact your provider, and much more.

The Patient Portal uses the latest encryption technology to protect your privacy and keep communication and medical records secure. 

What you can do with the patient portal:

Self Schedule Appointments

Skip the line and self schedule appointments with your provider online.

Make payments to your account

We accept credit, debit, or direct withdrawals from your approved bank account.

Receive appointment reminders

We will notify you with friendly reminders to help you manage your appointment schedule.

View your medical records

Access notes and diagnoses from your office visits, as well as information about your health history.

View lab test results

If your provider orders medical tests, the results will be posted here for your confidential review.

Refill your prescriptions

In most cases, refilling a prescription is as easy as contacting your Adelante Healthcare Center and asking for a refill.

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