Season of Sports

From football and soccer to swimming and dancing, the season of Fall if full of activities for millions of children throughout the U.S. However, with increased activity comes greater risk for injury.

In fact, sports injuries in children are the most common cause of primary care office visits. And nearly 62% of those injuries occur during practice, not games.

Injuries such as concussions and heat-related illness are just a few of the many injuries that can cause your child pain. Stay in the know! Follow these tips to ensure your child is staying safe and is able to be their best–both on and off the field.

Keeping Kids Safe

  • Gear-up–Make sure all children know how to properly use their sports equipment, and that they are aware of the rules regarding them.
  • Warm-up and Cool-Down–Every practice or match should begin with some type of warm up and end with a cool-down.
  • Hydrate–Kids should always have access to plenty of water and sufficient breaks from the heat.
  • Prepare for Anything–Know whether or not the coach has basic first aid and CPR training, and whether or not they have a plan for emergency situations.

Aside from making sure they’re safe on the field, parents should also make sure their child is getting a routine physical exam. To make an appointment with one of Adelante’s caring providers, call 480-964-2273.