Celebrating Summer the Right Way

Most people agree that vacations are a crucial part of celebrating everything summer has to offer.

However, with all of that fun can come even more stress. From planning the trip to traveling and everything in between, getting ready to relax and have fun can take its toll.

Save yourself the stress and worry by incorporating these tips and making your next vacation one for the books…

Creating a Stress-Free Environment

1. Leave work at the office–Most parents have jobs that demand their time and attention. However, that attention shouldn’t be geared towards life at the office when your lying on the beach. In fact, researchers found that vacation and relaxation can make workers much more productive in the long run when they “live in the moment” and don’t take work along with them.

2. Pack your suitcase…not your schedule–Everybody wants to get their moneys-worth on vacation. But wanting to see and do everything may just be placing more of a burden on both you and your family. Rather than creating a minute-by-minute itinerary, highlight a few major attractions you’d like to see…and see what else happens! Opening up your schedule to new possibilities, as well as down-time, will help create an environment of relaxation and enjoyment for everyone involved.

3. …But also, it’s helpful to keep to a schedule–from driving between cities to catching the red-eye, traveling takes its toll–especially when small children are involved. Sticking to a schedule helps ease the difficulties of traveling and can help in ways such as keeping kids on their regular sleep schedule. And when they’re not sleeping on that overnight flight? Keep them entertained! Coming prepared for a long journey is all part of the experience, while overtired children and fussy kids don’t have to be.

4. Keep your sense of humor–Vacations are often about new experiences, and that includes the seemingly impossible. Being flexible and fun while sightseeing and going on adventures–even if you get a little lost along the way–will help make your vacation memorable and one that everyone will remember.

5. Decompress a little–When planning a vacation, try cropping out a day both before you leave and after you get back to decompress. Having an extra day to prepare for those last minute to-dos and time to recuperate when you get home are critical to both your physical and mental health.

When it comes down to it, stress-free vacations don’t just happen. But, with a little bit of careful planning, it can be one you and the whole family will remember for years to come.

Remember, it’s always best to be healthy and get any proper vaccinations before you head out to that amazing destination. Make sure to schedule an appointment with an Adelante provider by calling 480-964-2273.