Healthy Doesn’t Mean Boring

From backyard BBQs to summer fair’s and festivals, crave-worthy foods seem to always be within an arms reach. But these tempting treats aren’t always good for you–even if they are good to eat!

The good news? Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean boring! However, it does mean being knowledgeable about what foods you consume.

Tips to a better you

1. Incorporate more fruits and veggies. From avocados and bell peppers to berries and watermelon, there’s no shortage of colorful fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy and full with every meal. Incorporate them in a meal or eat them directly as a snack to get the recommended 13 servings per day.

2. Get more greens. Not all salads are created equal–especially when it is loaded with a high-calorie dressing, fried chicken, or other fats that slow down your progress to a healthier you. Substitute items like fried chicken for grilled, and creamy ranch for a light vinaigrette and top it off with seasonal fruit.

3. Opt for staying in. By saving money and actually knowing what’s going in your food, making your meals at home is an easy and cost-effective way to stay on track with healthy eating habits.

4. Always avoid Overeating. With all the summer BBQs, it may be especially tempting to eat as much as you want–and then some. But remember, everything in moderation. And if you just have to snack, go for the fruits and veggies, rather than chips and desserts.

5. Remove the temptation. Having an environment that reflects healthy eating habits will bring you a step closer to your goals–whether its merely eating clean or getting into shape. Clean your cabinets of foods that are high in fat and replace them with fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks.

It may not always be easy to create a healthier you, but making small, day by day changes can have a big impact on your overall health. For ideas on healthy summer recipes, click here.

Kid Friendly Snack Hacks

Did you know?

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