Adelante is making an impact on the health of Maricopa County. We are building toward our overall goal to become Arizona’s #1 FQHC by 2030 in total size, positive patient and employee experience, and healthcare integration.

To help us get there, we are introducing AIM. This is our vehicle to help organize, guide and keep us on track toward our organizational goal. We need to be the healthiest organization possible to serve the community and AIM will give us the comprehensive self-check we need for all aspects of the organization.


Adelante is growing rapidly and how we work together will determine how we manage that growth. It is important that we align our work to organizational priorities in order to maximize our impact. By ensuring everything we do relates back to those priorities, we will always be connected our mission.

Examples of these efforts include:

• Development of the Transformation Office to coordinate projects and build a framework for project management and continuous process improvement

• Increase utilization of Rhythm to plan strategic initiatives and track alignment and progress.

• Development of a Balanced Score Card to check the pulse of the organization and keep us accountable


We want to ensure we are working beyond our current silos and collaborating in a way that aligns to the strategic priorities. As an organization we have a lot of specialists - teams and departments focused on very narrow scopes of work. Our focus is on bringing those specialties together to create more effective, efficient and strategic collaborations.

Examples of these efforts include:

• The rollout of SharePoint and shared utilization tools to improve cross-departmental collaboration.

• Collaborations between operations and clinical teams increase efficiencies across organization


Strong leadership defines and efficiently leads an organization. With such a large and growing organization, we want to support our leadership at every level through training and improved processes to ensure they have the tools, knowledge, and experience to lead and manage effectively.

Examples of these efforts include:

• Development and implementation of a pilot leadership empowerment program to enhance our overall leadership training efforts.

• The creation and launch of our leadership financial management process, budget processes, and acumen program to make sure our teams have the appropriate tools they need to meet our goals.

Patient Care Model

Adelante believes many factors impact health – such as underlying health issues, nutrition, personal habits, and ongoing stress. To best serve our patients, we are creating a more integrated process to make these factors easier to address through their Adelante care team. We are working to align our teams to support this care and create efficiencies throughout the organization.

Examples of these efforts include:

• The launch of this new patient care model, starting with a pilot in Surprise and an initial implementation at Peoria.

• The launch of the SynchTimes pilot program at Peoria, which supports the patient care model implementation and improves communication and patient care workflows for health center care teams.

• Integrated Dental Hygienist program

Resource Allocation

With so many projects and critical initiatives, ensuring our teams have the resources they need for success is essential. This process will touch every level of the organization and ensure that our staffing, budgeting, and other tangible resources are in alignment with our overall goals and priorities.

Examples of these efforts include:

• Creation of the Transformation Office to help manage organizational projects and support department initiatives.

• Development Senior Leadership Advisory Council


Throughout Adelante, we use technology to support and enhance our ability to serve our patients and community. We are working on upgrades to some of our most critical systems to provide an improved employee and patient experience.

Examples of these efforts include:

• Identifying, developing, and implementing a new phone system to support and improve the functionality of our PSC and the patient scheduling experience

• Improve EHR technology to maximize the provider impact on the health care process.

Continuous Improvement

We are striving to be the best version of Adelante. To get there, we must continually review our processes and efforts to ensure we are achieving our maximum potential. We want to leverage our best practices to increase efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness and the employee experience. This will lead to an increased patient experience

Examples of these efforts include:

• Utilizing our upcoming enhancement of our PSC technology (Five9) we intend to use its' Remote Work capability for our operators to move closer to clinic and department connectivity.

• The rollout of SharePoint and shared utilization tools to improve cross-departmental collaboration.

• Collaborations between operations and clinical teams increase efficiencies across the organization.