WBW2013What can you feed your baby that provides perfect, complete nutrition, which is easy to digest and helps protect your baby against infection and disease?

Breast milk does all of this and much more.

As part of our commitment to community wellness and health, Adelante Healthcare offers Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Programs (WIC) in our sites and in stand-alone locations.  The WIC programs supplements the foods families already have to ensure they attain proper nutrition.

While most people know WIC through the little orange tags at the grocery store, not everyone knows that WIC also assists with support for breastfeeding moms as well as community resources for families.  Our Breastfeeding Coordinators, Angie Garcia and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Mary Lou Sandoval. ensure that the WIC staff and participants receive support in learning more about breastfeeding.  WIC’s holistic approach becomes a foundation for the family to utilize throughout their life well after the time spent with their Community Nutrition Experts (CNE) at WIC.

World Breastfeeding Week takes place the first week in August every year to highlight many of the benefits of breastfeeding.  WIC, along with other groups like UNICEF and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding action (WABA), help to spread the word about the benefits as well as offer families support.

If you would be interested in learning more about WIC resources for all ages, contact us at 480-964-2273.

You’ll also find more information on breastfeeding at:

La Leche League
The official site of the World Breastfeeding Week

World Alliance for Breastfeeding