Practicing Water Safety

With the temperatures soaring across the country (and especially here in the Valley!), many families are gathering around the pool to relax and have fun.

Adding as many proven water safety steps as possible is the best way to keep this favorite family activity safe and fun. After all, you never know which one might save a child’s life–until it does!

Nothing beats the very basic:  stay close, be alert and watch children every minute they are in or around the pool.

Never leave a child unattended near water and watch them every moment.  Don’t text, don’t multitask, don’t run in the house just for a moment.  It only takes seconds for a child to slip under the water.  Make it a game for everyone and make sure an adult is charged with keeping eyes on each child every moment in group gatherings.

Be prepared if something does happen.  Always have a phone close by to call 911 in an emergency and know basic CPR.

Prepare your children.  Teach children basic water safety tips and how to swim a early as possible. Repeat the lessons over and over to strengthen them.

Prepare your pool or spa too.  Use self-closing and self-latching gates on fences at least 4 feet tall around the pool.  If you can afford it, invest in a locking pool or spa cover.  And if your pool is older than three years, have a pool service provider look at your drains.  The Pool & Spa Safety Act now requires drains that have safeguards to avoid trapping children–a frequent danger pool owners are often unaware of.

For more information, an easy-to-follow safety checklist to review about any pools your children may be exposed to and for interactive activities you can do with your children on-line, visit .

Let’s have a safe summer!