Seamless Telehealth Visits in Central Phoenix

In Central Phoenix, the most straightforward way to consult with your healthcare provider is through a Telehealth visit. Utilizing video chat for these appointments allows you to stay home, safe, and maintain your health with ease. These sessions are structured to mirror in-person visits, offering the same quality of care via your smartphone, tablet, or computer, with billing handled just like a traditional office visit.

Simplifying Telehealth

Concerned about navigating the technology? You’ll be surprised by how user-friendly it is. We’ve prepared a concise how-to video to guide you through initiating a Telehealth visit, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience.

Comprehensive Support Through Telehealth in Central Phoenix

Telehealth extends beyond medical consultations. If recent events have left you jobless or without health insurance, our team in Central Phoenix is here to support you. Our eligibility experts are ready to assist you over the phone with applications for AHCCCS (the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and other critical services to support your family during these challenging times. Additionally, our WIC Team remains committed to offering exceptional supplemental nutrition support and resources to young families, accessible through phone and video chat.

Behavioral Health Services at Your Fingertips

With Telehealth, residents of Central Phoenix have access to comprehensive behavioral health services, including psychiatric evaluations, therapy sessions, case management, and integrated services, all from the comfort of your home. Discover the full array of behavioral health services available through Adelante Healthcare, designed to support your mental and emotional wellbeing remotely.

In Central Phoenix, Adelante Healthcare is dedicated to ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to everyone, leveraging Telehealth to bridge gaps in care and support our community’s health and wellbeing through innovative solutions.