Mental health for better peace of mind

At Adelante Healthcare, we know that good health involves the heart and head as well as the body. Our specialty practice is licensed for the general mental health population, appropriate for ages 6 and up. Behavioral Health Consultants can help when mental health issues or other problems are interfering with your daily life and affecting your health.

How specialty behavioral health helps you

Working as a team with you and your doctor, specialty behavioral health provides a number of services:

  • Intake specialists conduct biomedical psycho-social assessments

  • Psychiatric providers perform psych evaluations and medication management

  • Counselors and therapists offer psychotherapy for individuals, families, couples and children

  • Case management specialists can coordinate mental health resources, child and family team (CFT) services, and community resources including employment, rental, food insecurity and more

What happens during a behavioral health consultation

Therapeutic consultations can vary depending on the type of treatment and conditions being addressed. In general, a Behavioral Health Consultant will ask you questions about your physical symptoms, emotional concerns you may be having, and your behaviors, then talk with you about how all of these might be related.

Your visits will be fairly short—no longer than 30 minutes—with a focus on practical solutions you can implement to make the small daily changes that add up to big health changes.

Your provider will continue to be in charge of your health care. Your Behavioral Health Consultant is a resource to provide you the support you need to be the healthiest you possible!

Who will be helping you

Our Specialty Behavioral Health Consultants are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) who are highly experienced and dedicated to working with you confidentially and without judgment to help you uncover the lifestyle factors and underlying conditions that may be affecting your health.

How do I schedule a behavioral health appointment?

If you would like to work with a Specialty Behavioral Health Consultant, talk to your provider about setting up a referral. You can typically be seen the same day but will always be seen within the same week.