Taking caution amid the fun

From BBQ’s to fireworks and everything in between, millions of Americans look forward to celebrating America’s birthday every year.

But even with all of the Independence Day celebrating, many forget the risk involved—to both themselves and the ones they love.

This year, Adelante wants you and your family to have fun but stay safe!

Dazzling without disaster

Sparklers are usually a child’s first hands on experience with fireworks. Even though they are relatively safe, it’s not uncommon for a few sparks to land on their hands and give them a scare.

Check out this life tip to help protect their skin and discover how you can make their first firework experience safe and one they’ll never forget!

Other steps to ensure safety throughout the day include:

1. Be sure it is legal to use fireworks in your area before using or buying them.
2. Always be sure adults have supervision over ignition of fireworks, as even sparklers account for one quarter of fireworks injuries.
3. Always keep a bucket of water or a hose close by when lighting fireworks.
4. Don’t re-light fireworks if they malfunction! Rather, douse and soak them with water before throwing them away.
5. Never use fireworks around pets!
6. Never point or throw fireworks at another person or occupied area.
7. Use your grill well away from your home and deck railings, and out from under branches or overhangs.
8. Declare a three-foot “kid and pet-free zone” around the grill to keep them safe.
9. Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where children or pets can reach them.
10. Always keep an eye on children around water.

Remember to stay alert to your surroundings and know that, even while being cautious, you can still have fun!

For more information on safety tips this for this holiday, click here.