Matthew Mai, PSM, RDN

Registered Dietitian

Why did you become a Registered Dietitian?

I became a Registered Dietitian because I have a passion for food and how it affects our body. Everyone is connected to food as it’s found in all of our diverse cultures, it’s something we all need every day, and it resonates with each and every one of us.

What attracted you to a community health center for your practice?

I wanted to start my career in helping my surrounding community as this is where I am needed most with my expertise.

What do you enjoy or find most fulfilling about caring for patients?

I enjoy being able to help make a major impact on patient’s lives when they don’t understand where to begin. I’m able to bring clarity to an unknown area and teach them a lifelong skill that can affect others around them.

Do you have hobbies or a way you like to spend your time away from work?

On my off time, you’ll find me at the gym practicing weight training and applying my own knowledge, to help prove how powerful nutrition can be for our bodies.

Do you have a favorite book, movie or TV show?

My all-time favorite show that I will always recommend for those who enjoy comedy is The Office.
Michael Scott – “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.