Crystal Thomson, LMFT

Behavioral Health

Why did you become a behavioral health specialist?

I was amazed at the ability to predict behavior and thus change with the correct diagnosis and treatment.

What attracted you to a community health center for your practice?

I believe everyone deserves quality care. I also love that my work cannot just help one person but be a change for generations.

What do you enjoy or find most fulfilling about caring for patients?   

I enjoy when the patient finds their power and is able to make the change they want toward a fulfilling life for them.

If you could be anything else, what would you want to be?

A change maker. I believe if you see an issue do not complain but offer solutions. I would love to be part of the solution for the mental health community in Arizona.

Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

I have two children a daughter age 26 and a son age 25. I also have a grandson who is 6 years old and is my personal sunshine!

Do you have hobbies or a way you like to spend your time away from work?

I spend my time with my grandson, swimming, Legos, building forts, or watching movies.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or TV show?  

I love history and nature. So, I tend to read historical biographies and watch period-piece movies.