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🎸What Makes Us Different?🎸

From Infancy to Adolescence: Just like a hit song, our pediatric experts know how to tailor their care to suit your child’s specific age and developmental stage. From vaccinations to growth monitoring, we’ll make sure your child’s health needs are perfectly in tune with their current life phase.

📚 Education That Rocks: We believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we provide parents with valuable resources and tips to help them navigate the journey of parenthood. From preventive care advice to age-specific health tips, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

🤝🏼 A Family Vibe: At Adelante Healthcare, we treat every patient like family. We understand the importance of trust and connection between our team and your child. We take the time to listen to your concerns and provide personalized care that caters to your child’s unique needs.

The rhythm of health keeps changing, but Adelante will always be there to rock your child’s well-being at every stage! 🎵

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💓Our Rockstar Reviews💓

“Dr. Gray has been a wonderful Pediatrician for us. We had a new baby recently and he is our first kid, and Dr. Gray and been fantastic about explaining everything to my wife and I, she even performed a procedure on our baby and it went really smoothly as expected. Fantastic doctor, and exactly as we thought, because we were referred to her from a friend who was also pleased with her service. Staff there are also great, they are always very patient with us while our newborn is screaming because we had to weigh him, lol. Thank you Dr. Gray and staff. ”
— Tyler J, Adelante Patient
“We had a great first experience at Adelante in Goodyear. We are newer to Arizona and have had a difficult time finding quality medical and dental providers. I brought the kids in to the pediatric office to see Dr. Caruso for their well child checks and I was pleased throughout the visit. We were brought back on time and only a waited a few minutes in the exam room before the doctor arrived. She was kind and attentive and the kids enjoyed talking with her. My daughter had a blood draw prescribed and they have a lab in the building. They saw her right away and we were on our way in minutes.”
— Megan P, Adelante Patient
“I have recently started going here since I’ve been pregnant , the staff is very kind from the door greeters to the doctors and nurses. I drive about 45 minutes to get here but I don’t mind at all , as a first time mom I feel very comfortable here! I definitely recommend this facility and it is very clean as well.”
— Laina C, Adelante Patient
“Very beautiful facility. First time patient in the pediatrics care. Very clean, organized, thorough, polite, patient oriented, and kind. The doctor Rachel , was very Kid friendly to my little one. My daughter never once cried upon assessment or even lab draw for blood work! Nurses, medical assistants, and techs were very organized and kid friendly as well. Definitely will refer others here. Love the text message reminders!”
— Kristy B, Adelante Patient
“Took my son for the first time here yesterday and the staff were so friendly and so nice and Dr. Susan and her nurse made us feel so welcome and my son love her. ”
— Ashley S, Adelante Patient
“Great clinic !!!! Everyone is so welcoming !!!! Dr. Gray was amazing! Super nice, knowledgeable, gave us a lot of information and was very patient. We were able to get all the information that we needed in one spot. Behavioral health questions, finances questions, and health insurance questions. Highly recommended!”
— Lisbeth A, Adelante Patient

Health at Every Age 👶🏽👦🏽👨🏽

As children grow, they change a lot. We want to make sure they stay healthy as they grow.

Along with looking at their growth and reviewing their vaccinations, here are a few things that we look at for every age group.


Ages 0-1
It’s a new life! Parenthood may not have an instruction manual, but together we will look at how to help your baby grow and thrive. These early appointments will focus on important shots to prevent common diseases, how your baby is sleeping and eating and even important safety tips.  

Recommended visits:
3-5 days old, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months

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Toddlers & preschoolers

Ages 1-4
A lot has changed in the first year, and now your baby is really on the move. These appointments will focus on development, language skills and other milestones.  As the child gets closer to school, the doctor will work with you on making sure the child has healthy eating habits.  

Recommended visits:
15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, 3 years, 4 years 

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School-age Kids

Ages 5-10
With the start of school, the focus turns to preventing illness, including the proper vaccinations. Your doctor will also do annual screenings related to hearing, sight and warning signs of other health problems.  

Recommended visits: 

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Preteens & Teens 

Ages 11-18
This is an age of great change. So their visits should change as well, with more one-on-one discussion with the doctor about their health and what it takes to take care of their bodies. It also lets the doctor assess and lets the child ask questions about more difficult topics such as mental helath, drugs or sex. The doctor can be a trusted source of support.  

Recommended visits: 

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⭐Meet Our Rockstar Pediatricians⭐

Annie Nguyen, MD

Location: Adelante Healthcare Goodyear

"I enjoy just empathizing and connecting with families and patients. I like to follow cute babies from birth to high school graduation. I really like stories from the teenage population. Been practicing since 2010 here in Phoenix."