HCW-Staff-2013This week marks National Health Center Week.

Adelante Healthcare is proud to be a Federally Qualified Health Center and to be part of a system of more than 1200 health centers with more than 9000 sites providing care to more than 21 million patients each year.

Originally conceived more than 45 years ago, the community health center movement is dedicated to increasing access to affordable, cost effective, high quality care.

In his proclamation for the week, President Barack Obama acknowledged that contribution by saying:

From urban centers to rural towns, community health centers offer vital services regardless of ability to pay—services that help patients stay healthy and avoid emergency room visits. During National Health Center Week, we recognize health centers’ significant contributions to keeping America healthy, and we offer our continuing support to the dedicated providers who operate them.

Community health centers are an economic force as well. An estimated $24 billion in medical costs are saved each year by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and unnecessary visits to the ER and an untold number of health dollars are saved as patients gain better access to a system of preventive medicine that they can use regularly to stay healthy.

The 2013 theme is “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Transforming Health Care in Our Local Communities”. The hope is to highlight how community health centers go beyond the reach of medicine to not only prevent illness but help address the factors that cause it. That’s why you’ll find WIC/Nutrition programs in our sites along with events and classes to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Join us in celebrating our staff – who make it possible for us to make this difference in our communities. And to celebrate you – for taking charge of your own health and for choosing Adelante. By doing so, you make it possible for us to reach even more people, thereby supporting your own health and the health of your whole neighborhood.

Thank you for your support!