Adelante Recognizes the Vital Role of Community Health Centers 

The week of August 7-13 is recognized as National Health Center Week, highlighting the importance of health centers to the community.  

What is a health center? 

Community Health Centers are specially designed to provide affordable medical care to the community in high-need and underserved locations. We are essentially a healthcare safety net for the community.  

Adelante is proud to fill that role, serving Maricopa County for the last 40 years. We started in the fields of El Mirage, helping farmworkers get access to quality healthcare.  Since that time, we have expanded our reach, with nine centers throughout Maricopa County. Last year we served more than 82,000 patients with more than 221,000 visits. We are seeing patients of all ages, from all backgrounds and multiple languages. 

We are part of a much larger network of health centers around the country, with about 1,400 different organizations representing every state and territory in the United States. Together more than 30 million patients get comprehensive care at 11,000 delivery sites. Health centers save the health care system more than $24 billion annually in reduced emergency, hospital, and specialty care costs. 

Beyond the direct work with our patients, our team members put in thousands of hours in volunteer service to the community. Whether it is at Adelante community events, or in service to a variety of other organizations, our team is constantly looking for ways to serve.   

We encourage you this week to learn more about the vital role of Community Health Centers and ask for your support in this important mission.