Last Call! Love Your Lady Parts

January’s Love Your Lady Parts Cervical Cancer Awareness focus comes to a close this week with our last prize drawing on Monday, February 3.

Our lucky winners from week 1-3 took home a Michael Kors smart watch, Sephora brush set with gift card and a $250 spa gift card.

Of course, it’s important to Love Your Lady Parts all year ‘round. If you were not yet due for a Pap test this month, keep what we’ve learned about early detection and treatment in mind the next time your healthcare team brings it up.

Love Your Lady Friends Too

We know it’s awkward to talk with your friends about intimate things, but making sure your friends know Pap tests save lives is worth a little embarrassment, right?

With 9 in 10 men and 8 in 10 women expected to come into contact with the human papillomavirus (HPV) during their lifetime, every woman could potentially develop cervical cancer. Thankfully, the majority of infections resolve themselves, but with over 4,000 women losing the battle with cervical cancer each year, regular Pap tests are the best way to catch any changes early while they are still treatable.

For a no-hassle, no-blushing way to share this potentially life-saving information, you can always share last week’s blog post (link to it here) with your friends through email or share our Facebook and Instagram posts.

Finally — Love the Young People in Your Life

If you have children, talk to their doctor about the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine does not treat existing infections or diseases but works best when given before any exposure to HPV so is usually given while a boy or girl is a preteen.

The vaccine is unfortunately not covered by many insurance plans yet. Limited help may be available through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for those without insurance or who are on AHCCCS. To learn more, talk to your provider about whether they recommend the vaccine and our Eligibility team can explore your options.

Coming in February – Heart Health

Love Your Lady Parts is part of Adelante’s effort to focus on a different health theme each month.

By encouraging our patients and team members to learn about and practice new healthy behaviors each month, we hope to create a healthier community by year’s end.

Some months will have fun events, others will have contests – and still others will offer a reward for good behavior. There is something for everyone as we cycle through a year’s worth of healthy habits.

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Join us in February as we focus on a weekly heart healthy behavior!