While the global zeitgeist has become virus-centric for the past two years, the HIV epidemic has continued to loom and linger in the background. For this reason, prevention programs have been opening across the US, particularly in areas with the highest HIV acquisition rates.

The mention of HIV can, understandably, raise fears and concerns. However, there is much to be hopeful for. With medical advances constantly improving, not only is HIV virtually preventable, but it is also simpler to treat those living with HIV. People living with HIV can live long, healthy, happy lives!

At the start of the new year, Adelante Healthcare brought in a new HIV Prevention team funded by the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. grant. While most people are aware of HIV’s existence, many are unaware that it remains a prevalent issue today, even more so of its prevention and treatment.

The HIV Prevention team is focusing on four critical areas:

  • Diagnose – We’re promoting and increasing access to HIV tests via clinical testing, rapid mobile testing, and take-home tests. Soon we will have our mobile medical unit and testing events via Instagram and our Chatbot page!
  • Treat – Adelante Healthcare has many caring providers that will run HIV tests, prescribe PrEP, and treat patients living with HIV. To further promote access, we are working on expanding our telehealth services.
  • Prevent – We’re connecting people to services through sexual health education, non-judgmental navigation, access to safer sex tools, and medications. Medication is generally known as pre-prophylaxis exposure, or PrEP, and can be available to anyone, regardless of insurance coverage. It has 99.7% accuracy in preventing acquiring HIV with just one pill, every day.
  • Respond – We’re establishing a dedicated network by partnering with grassroots organizations, mutual aids, and other HIV prevention teams/allyships across the Valley. We’ll help direct resources to those living with HIV as quickly and efficiently as possible through Rapid Start services and the Ryan White Foundation.

Not only is preventing the spread of HIV easy, safe, and affordable, but living with HIV is no longer a terminal condition with treatment. We continue to address the accessibility of HIV testing and treatment, and we all must do our part. The question no longer has to be: “Am I at risk?” but rather, “What are my reasons?”