New Facility & Services Coming to Gila Bend!

If you’re craving a flying saucer pancake breakfast, you head to Gila Bend’s Space Age Diner. The iconic eatery is a throwback to an era when computers the size of warehouses represented cutting-edge technology.

If you take a tour of Adelante Healthcare’s facility on the western edge of town you might also feel like you’ve gone back in time. Exam rooms with dated furnishings and equipment take you back decades. The floor plan and fixtures, once well-suited to the building’s original purposes, have become a hindrance, forcing staff to come up with work-arounds to meet patient needs.

As the only health care facility for nearly 40 miles, Adelante is a vital community lifeline. Thanks to a federal grant, our Gila Bend site will soon be gutted and the inside rebuilt to add capacity and expand services to the community.

Perhaps nothing is more exciting to our patients than the addition of dental services to a community that has gone without for too long. Yet the new site will offer much more, aiming to deliver better health outcomes for our patients in a state-of-the art facility that propels us into the future.

Modular units will soon be delivered to the site to allow for uninterrupted service to the community during demolition and reconstruction. Watch this space for updates on our progress!