Valentine’s + Heart Health Month = A Happier, Healthier You

While many view February as the month of love, it is also American Heart Health Month. 

Adelante’s be mine for longer

This February, Adelante is highlighting the good news that love and connection have a strong influence on your heart health. 

While COVID can make it more difficult, the need for connection is even more important in stressful times like these.

We want to know!

Why is social connection so important?

Loneliness takes a toll on the heart. Social connection is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle and may be one of the major factors that determine how long and how well you live. The quality of your social connections is directly related to your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although anyone can be lonely, it is especially common among older people. “Perceived loneliness “has been associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke.

Even one social connection may help you live longer.

The prescription: friendship

Your overall survival rate increases by 50% when you share a common goal and interests with others. Find a club, join a team, attend a silly lecture series, and go for a cup of coffee afterwards. However, you do it, engage with the people around and nourish your existing relationships with friends and family.

Do not forget the basics: 

  • know your blood pressure numbers and other heart stats
  • try a tasty heart-healthy recipe
  • put your heart into your wellness routine
  • treat your heart to some relaxation and fun
  • share who inspires you to show your heart more love
  • post about your favorite way to take care of your heart

The Good news?

By making some – or all – of these habits part of your life, you win later with a healthy heart and bright future! By spreading the word about heart disease and how to prevent it, communities, health professionals, and organizations can work together to encourage people to live heart-healthy lives.