Essential Donations for Exceptional Workers

Adelante Healthcare’s roots were planted over 40 years ago in response to migrant workers needing accessible, quality care. Then, Clínica Adelante visited farms and provided a safe place for those who would have otherwise lived in the shadows without healthcare. While we have grown and expanded from our humble beginnings, our commitment to service and access to care remains.

Farmworkers are an essential part of our agricultural system; without them we would not get the nutrition we rely on. Therefore, it is crucial that they are afforded the care and services that they need to stay healthy and continue their ability to work. Adelante Healthcare team members have traveled to some of the local and rural farms to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccine, blood pressure and glucose checks, assistance in connecting with a provider, and necessary self-care items.

We need your help to continue that effort.

You can help in two ways:

  • Make a donation, just $12 can provide a farmworker with necessary self-care items to stay healthy
  • Order approved supplies from our Amazon list and send them to our center support office
    • 3033 N. Central Ave. Suite 145 Phoenix, AZ 85012 | Att: Brenda Cardenas

As an added bonus, financial donations to Adelante qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit — which means you can donate up to $400 as a single taxpayer or $800 for married filers — at no out of pocket cost to you.

Make a Donatation