Please join us for FREE educational workshops that will provide information to ALL CAREGIVERS OF CHILDREN from prenatal through five years of age. We will have guest presenters every month from organizations in the area who serve children and families. They will provide engaging, meaningful and applicable information to adult caregivers who want to learn more about their own health and the health and development of their children.

What will you learn?

Child Development – You will learn about major child development milestones, behaviors and how to see the world through the eyes of your developing child
Maternal Health – You will learn about prenatal care, postpartum care and caring for yourself and your child
Immunizations – learn the benefits of immunizations for the entire family and why they are recommended for children
Family Nutrition – Learn about healthy foods to incorporate into your family’s diet
Prenatal Health – learn about the changes your body will experience as well as the best care you can offer yourself and baby during your pregnancy
Mental and Emotional Health – learning more about your relationship with yourself, your partner and your child
Reducing Risks – become aware of safety hazards as they relate to your home, vehicle, sun safety and water safety

Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month