The purpose of this is to facilitate creating additional content pages for the website. This will help customers find our website when looking for specific subjects (i.e. if a person struggles with obesity, what questions and concerns are they likely to have? What are related issues? What are various treatment options? Are there multiple components like behavioral and physical ways to approach this?)

Content Layout

Here is a guide on some things to think about as you construct your content.

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Think about:

  • What am I trying to communicate?
  • Use plain language and keep it simple. Use words that the patient would use, not medical or industry/corporate speak.
  • If you weren’t familiar with the subject, would you understand it? Would your grandfather?
  • What related links, documents, graphics, charts, or materials can be included on the page.

If you need any assistance, have questions, would like to review content together, or just get more guidance, please contact Mark Tillman.