June is Pride month, which means celebrating individuality, advocating for LGBT rights and…healthcare?

Believe it or not, the month-long celebration is also a means to raise awareness for the health of the LGBT community, which often suffers from a lack of information regarding the healthcare of its individuals.

Many within the community are often hesitant to seek care due to societal stigmas and discrimination, which can lead to greater risk of psychiatric disorders and even substance abuse.

In fact, LGBT persons face all-too-common problems nationwide such as low rates of health insurance, fear of discrimination and even negative experiences with healthcare staff.

These barriers make it hard to be open and honest with a provider—leaving a lasting, negative impact on the community as a whole. However, speaking up about one’s health can be just as beneficial.

Important topics including but not limited to:

  • Screening for STD’s and HIV
  • Safer sex education and counseling
  • Plans to adopt or conceive children
  • Referrals to specialists who are welcoming to LGBT individuals

Coming out to one’s provider is an important step to living a healthy life and a better you! And the results can be life-changing.

For more resources on LGBT health, visit the Pride Institute or TransChance Health.

To schedule an appointment with an LGBT-friendly provider at Adelante, call 480-964-2273, and get the care you deserve.