September is ovarian and prostate cancer awareness month!

Did you know that both prostate and ovarian cancer are treatable if identified at an early stage? This means screening for these deadly diseases is incredibly important along with knowing the risk you have in being diagnosed with one.

In fact, ovarian cancer is the 10th most common cancer among women, and is the 5th leading cause of cancer death.

Among American men, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death and is also the most commonly diagnosed.

For Women

Some of the risk factors (or those that reduce the likelihood) of developing ovarian cancer include:

  • Age- Most ovarian cancer happen post-menopause.
  • Birth control- Women who use birth control pills for five years or more lower their risk especially.
  • Having children- A woman who has had a child is at a much lower risk of this type of cancer. She lowers her risk even further by breastfeeding.
  • Surgery- Having a hysterectomy or tubal litigation (“tubes tied”) can also reduce the chance of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Family history- Depending on your family history (whether maternal or paternal) will also depend on your likelihood of developing ovarian cancer.

For Men

Certain risk factors that are known to be linked with prostate cancer include:

  • Age- Men over 50 are especially at risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Race– African-American men, as compared to other groups, are more likely to both develop prostate cancer and even die as a result.
  • Family- Men with a family history of the disease are far more likely to develop it themselves.

Now if the perfect time to make an appointment if you or someone you know falls into a high-risk category for these types of cancers. Don’t wait, get screened today!

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