Have you had your children’s eyes checked?

Diego was a smart, engaged five year old who couldn’t wait to start school. But within a few weeks his teacher reported that he was struggling to keep up and he’d begun to act out. She asked his mother if he’d ever had his vision checked.

80 percent of pre-schoolers do not receive vision screenings. 60 percent of children with learning difficulties have an undetected vision problem. And one in four school-age children needs glasses to see the black board or read a book. Children with vision problems may not complain that they’re having trouble because they don’t know what normal vision is.

Uncorrected vision problems can impair child development, interfere with learning, and even lead to permanent vision loss; early detection and treatment are critical.

All children, even those with no signs of trouble, should have their eyes checked at regular intervals. Your pediatrician may use family vision history and a vision assessment to see if child has any vision problems.

If your child is experiencing vision problems or showing symptoms of eye trouble he may be referred to an optometrist of an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam. Once he was fitted for eyeglasses, Diego’s performance in school improved dramatically.

As your partners in keeping your family healthy, we want to make sure any problems with your children’s vision are identified and treated as early as possible. By the end of this month our Surprise site will be deploying a state-of-the-art device capable of detecting vision problems in patients as young as six months old.

If your children’s vision hasn’t been checked, call Adelante at 480-964-2273 for a vision screening!