Adelante Healthcare to Host Farmworker Event

PHOENIX (January 13, 2022) –  As part of Adelante Healthcare’s efforts to make our Phoenix and surround areas healthy, Adelante Healthcare hosts COVID-19 Vaccine events for farms and their employees across the valley.  We believe it is important to support the farmworkers by providing necessary health care services as we continue to get impacted by the pandemic.

This effort is in our DNA.  Our roots.  In the late 1970s, a group of caring community members saw the unmet healthcare needs of local farm workers and decided to do something about it – establishing Clinica Adelante’s first health center. In the years since, Adelante’s Healthcare (AHC) has been deeply committed to the community and people it serves. Adelante Healthcare’s medical home model integrates services that addresses the overall health of their patients. In addition to delivering care to its most vulnerable population, Adelante also assist patients in navigating through the healthcare system by offering options for those who are uninsured or underinsured. Their enrollment specialist walks them through the entire process to help alleviate the stress and worry of paying for health care services.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, farmworkers took an exceptionally hard hit. This is mainly due to the demands of their work and proximity to easily access health care services. Adelante Healthcare understands very well the challenges farmworkers face and is prepared and ready to respond and support their needs. Farmworkers are an essential part of our agricultural system; without them we would not get the nutrition we rely on. Therefore, it is crucial that they are afforded the care and services that they need to stay healthy and continue their ability to work. Adelante Healthcare team members have traveled to some of the local and rural farms to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccine, blood pressure and glucose checks, assistance in connecting with a provider, and necessary self-care items.

Adelante Healthcare is also working on a medical mobile unit to continue to bring these services to the farmers. Lucrecia Castaneda, Community Programs Coordinator, says, “We are working with our mobile unit to visit the farms and remote areas to provide telehealth and other services. We work with the state monitors, the Migrant Education Program, and other agencies to provide more services to the workers. We have worked closely with Tillie Peralta from the Migrant Education Program for many years to provide care to migrant families.”

Encompassing compassion and forward-thinking outreach have been driving Adelante for more than 40 years. It’s not hard to see a future of increasing impact – both in healthcare and kindness.

Pedro Cons CEO of Adelante Healthcare says, “At Adelante, we are reimagining not only what community health looks like, but what community can be. “

For more information about obtaining the COVID vaccination for children and family members, please visit: