In celebration of Superbowl LVII in Glendale this month, Adelante hosted a Feb. 7 health fair and press conference to highlight our work in cancer detection and prevention through the NFL’s Crucial Catch Grant program and the American Cancer Society’s CHANGE grants.  

Adelante provides community access to healthcare, regardless of a person’s background, status, or station in life. Adelante staff is focused on helping individuals get needed treatment – especially preventative care and screenings – while helping them successfully navigate the healthcare system. With support from the ACS CHANGE Grant Program, Adelante has helped provide the community with needed screenings that may have been missed, in part due to the ongoing pandemic.  

As part of the event, visitors checked out Adelante Healthcare’s mobile screening unit, learned more from health experts about cancer screening disparities and attended a meet and greet with NFL player and Crucial Catch ambassador, Jonathan Ward, and NFL legend, Luis Zendejas.  

The event included a press conference highlighting the grant and some results in building community access to these much-needed screenings.  

Prevention matters and saves lives. If you have not recently scheduled preventative screenings for cancer and a variety of health concerns, we encourage you to talk to your provider or schedule online.