Jessica Walker-Livingston, RDH


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Why did you become a dental hygienist?

I always knew I wanted to work directly with people in some form of healthcare. I volunteered in various fields and fell in love with dentistry. Even after 26 years, I am still loving my profession and the work that I do on a daily basis. Becoming a dental hygienist also has a wonderful work/life balance that has accommodated my family of 6.

What attracted you to a community health center for your practice?

Public health has always been my passion and serving a population within a community health center has always been a professional goal of mine. The Culture of Care and Mission of Adelante is what attracted me to this specific community health center.

If you could be anything else, what would you want to be?

If I wasn’t working directly in patient care I would likely be in education. Healthcare itself involves a lot of educating patients and I really enjoy that aspect of my profession!

Do you have hobbies or a way you like to spend your time away from work?

I love anything baseball related. I played softball for many, many year and all of our kids have played baseball since they were very young. I have enjoyed coaching a few of them but my favorite role is baseball mom and cheering from the stands.
I collect Rosie the Riveter memorabilia and am obsessed with anything pickle.