Your Donation Matters!

This holiday season, your donation to the Fearful to Cheerful Campaign helps the 1 in 5 children  terrified to go to the dentist as well as the 1 in 12 adults suffering with severe anxiety and clinical dentophobia.  

Dental health is closely linked to overall health so avoiding the dentist causes problems at school or work and is linked to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. 

Studies show that adding art, interactive activities and music to the dentist’s office reduces stress by nearly 30%. 

Positive distractions like this don’t cost much — but as a nonprofit community health center, Adelante faces tough decisions every day about using our limited resources.  Please consider helping make it possible and making a donation this year.    

Your investment creates a small change that adds up to a lifetime of difference. 

PLUS, your donation qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. 

Your donation of up to $400 for a single taxpayer or $800 for married filers is eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.  Every dollar you donate reduces your tax bill by one dollar so you can have a huge impact at no cost to you.  See more in the FAQ.  

Donate to Adelante today!