What is The Marketplace?

The Health Insurance Marketplace, or as it is commonly called “The Marketplace, is the one-stop, on-line insurance marketplace that has been set up to help make it easier to find affordable coverage.

In Arizona, The Marketplace is an on-line insurance market located at HealthCare.gov.

With one on-line application at Healthcare.gov, you can:

  • Shop, compare and enroll in a plan that best meets your and your family’s needs and budget
  • See if you are eligible for federal tax credits and subsidies or discounts that will help cover insurance costs
  • Check eligibility for public health programs like AHCCCS

Even if you have never been able to afford health insurance before, you may qualify for financial help to pay for private health insurance for you and your family–or you may be eligible for the expanded AHCCCS program.

If you would like help applying on The Marketplace for AHCCCS or private health insurance, call us today at 1.877.809.5092 to set up an appointment.